We believe in a world where no one does grief and loss alone. LCO International functions to create communities and provide opportunities for individuals and families going through a tragedy. 


Our Founder

“Throughout my life I have experienced significant loss and trauma, leaving me with the choice to let it consume me or let it shape me. Choosing the latter, I believe that pain well lived through becomes the most beautiful masterpiece.” - Eva Cool

Our Purpose

So often, people struggle to carry on after traumatic events such as a loss of a loved one and or a diagnosis. We believe the key solution to surviving pain and trauma is by doing it together as a community. Stand with others in their pain today.

Our Partner

LCO International is a project partner of Bridges of Hope. A fully registered charity who have guided over 20,000 people in over 23 countries out of the ashes of poverty by unleashing the power of opportunity. Visit their website for more information.